Mississippi Veterinary Services first Blog…and it’s all about Farley Foundation! October is Farley month!

By September 24, 2012 October 29th, 2012 Farley Month!

Welcome to Mississippi Veterinary Services first blog! This is timely as we are just ramping up for our Farley foundation fund raiser!  We host a raffle right here at the clinic with numerous beautiful and useful prizes.  The prizes range from jewelry, art pieces, dog & cat paraphernalia, coats to human treat baskets, movie passes, gift cards and golf packages etc!

What is Farley and why do we do it?  Well we raise the funds to help local pet owners living in shelters, on disability or specific pensions as well as pets in therapeutic work force like seniors homes or hospices and hospitals.  The purpose is to be able to assist with some or all of the treatment costs.

To date we have raised $3400.00 at Mississippi Veterinary Services.  We send this money to the OVMA’s Farly foundation and then we apply for the funds as we need it.  To date we have applied for and have used $2300.00.  The remaining $1100.00 has gone to other needy pets in Ontario.

Please stop in for a coffee and see all the great prizes.  The tickets are $0.99 a piece or 7 for $5.00.  Bring your pet for a treat and non-stress visit as well. (It helps them associate good with car rides and our office….not just the dreaded thermometer up the butt!)

For more information check out the following link or our facebook page!  http://www.farleyfoundation.org/

Some of the great prizes you could win!

Oct 29/12 So Far we are at $1250.00!  Fundraising ends on the 31st so drop by to add your name to a raffle item!

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