Halloween is coming, preparations and precautions for your pets!

With Halloween approaching here are a few quick reminders.


1. If you are leaving for the evening make sure your pets are indoors.  If you are home and expecting trick or treaters keep pets away from the door so they don’t jump up or try to run out.
2. If you are trick or treating with your pet ensure they are practiced with the costume they are wearing, a dry run is always a good idea before the event.
3. If your pet is trick or treating with you also practice encounters with masked people of different sizes to

see how they will react.
4. GI upset = 🙁   Make sure your pet doesn’t get into the treat bag or bowl, during or after trick or treating. There is the possibilities of GI upset, foreign bodies or blockages from wrappers and toxicity from chocolate.
5. Loud noises, flashing lights and large blow up decorations are unpredictable, so could your pet be when they are not accustomed to these things.
6. Have fun and look both ways when crossing the road, remember black cats are never a bad thing unless it is on Halloween……muohahahahahahahaha!
Here is a great link from the SPCA