Spring Parasites and Treatment Options

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It’s spring, and although we recommend some year round prevention, here is some information about the busiest time for parasites!  Many of the parasites that affect out pets are transmissible to humans….best practice is to prevent!

Parasites we recommend regular prevention for, as well as immediate treatment if they are parasitized include the following:  Internal parasites that are really common and can be present in both indoor and outdoor pets are Roundworms, Hookworms,  Whip worms, Tapeworms and Heart worms.  There are other internal parasites, but those are the most common.  People often comment ‘Oh my pet dosen’t go outside, they cant have worms’.  We certainly see cats who supplement on house mice and have tapeworms and roundworms.  The other proven fact is that some parasites will encyst in the pets and then at times of stress release up to years later and cause parasitic infection. 













External parasites should also be prevented when possible as not only do they affect the host by using their energy, they can also cause serious skin reactions as well as transmit disease.  There are many types, we currently recommend prevention for Fleas, Ticks, Sarcoptic Mange, Demodectic Mange & Ear mites.

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Please note, we can only dispense to clients and pets we have a current relationship with.  We also recommend the 4dx test be preformed before using the prevention that includes Heart-worm as per the college of veterinarians. That test used to be called the Heart worm test, but is now the Insect Born Disease Test.  Testing for tick born disease like boriellosis commonly called Lyme disease, an inflammatory disease, caused by bacteria called Boriella burgdorferi. This bacterial infection causes joint inflammation, fever, headache, rashes and other flu-like symptoms and can damage cardiac muscle. Other tick born disease called Erlichiosis and Anaplasmosis are tested for as well, but are less common.  It is an important test as it tracts exposure to some serious diseases that affect Humans as well as Dogs!

There are other less common parasites that we would treat for on a case by case basis.  Parasites like Giardia (beaver fever), lung worm, liver or lung flukes etc.

Depending on your pet type and environment there are a number of choices for prevention.  The list below can help you tailor the prevention you wish for your pet.  Unfortunately I cant provide the cost, but if you email, text or call in with the weight of your pet, the type of prevention you wish in any combination we can give you a price.   Clients will frequently choose a prevention to do monthly then add on for example; a tape worm treatment every 3, 4 or 6 months.


  Fleas Ticks Ear Mites Mange Heart worm Round worm Hook Worm Whip Worm Tape worm
Revolution X X X X X X      
Advantage Multi X   X X X X X X  
Sentinel X       X X X X  
Interceptor         X X X X  
Advantix  X X              
    (ONLY Dogs)                  
Advantage X                
Capstar X                
Drontal            X X X X
Panacur           X X X X
Profendor           X X X X
  (Cats Only)                  


  Whip Worm Tape worm
Advantage Multi X  
Sentinel X  
Interceptor X  
    (ONLY Dogs)    
Drontal  X X
Panacur X X
Profendor X X
  (Cats Only)