Rabies Clinics in Mississippi Mills. September 2013 at Mississippi Veterinary Services

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Rabies Clinics are up and running this September.  This is so all people have an opportunity to vaccinate their cats and dogs against Rabies as is required by law!  Mississippi Veterinary Services is hosting clinics on Wednesday Sept. 11/13 and Wednesday Sept. 18/13.   The cost is 20$ cash per animal and is a vaccination only.  No other services will be offered at this time. (IT IS HOWEVER, ALWAYS RECCOMMENDED TO HAVE AN ANNUAL EXAMINATION AND FULL CORE VACCINATIONS WITH DEWORMING, INCLUDING NUTRITION AND LIFESTAGE CONSULTATION WITH A VETERINARIAN)

Frequently asked questions:

Why is it only 20$ when I call for an appointment the cost is much greater?

…….Mississippi Veterinary Services purchases the vaccinations and other supplies, but only charges for their cost.  The owners; Dr.’s Caven, volunteer their time and that of the staff at no charge in order to protect the public, and raise awareness stressing the importance of rabies prevention through vaccination.

What is the difference in a rabies clinic and a regular annual check up with vaccination?

…….The Rabies Clinic is for Rabies vaccination only.  No other concerns can be addressed at that time.  When you call for an appointment we will set aside 30 minutes to fully examine your pet, we will ask and answer questions about their health.  We will work with you to choose the core vaccines that will protect your pet from diseases local to this area and areas you may travel to.  We will discuss parasites and worms, then choose an appropriate anti-parasitic.  We will discuss your pets life stage and nutrition, and with you determine a preventative health care plan to asses your pet for disease and keep them in optimal health.  Often pet owners are unaware of serious health concerns and don’t notice changes in their pet overtime.  This is why regular veterinary visits are so important.

Why is Public Health part of a Veterinary Vaccination Clinic?

……….Rabies is a deadly disease that can be prevented. Did you know that a person dies from Rabies every 10 minutes throughout the world?   Help prevent the spread of rabies by vaccinating your pet dog or cat. – See more at:   http://www.healthunit.org/rabies/rabies_clinics.htm

What are the goals of this clinic?

………..The goal of hosting these clinics is to help provide rabies vaccinations to as many cats and dogs as possible. However, if your pet receives regular veterinary care, it is most likely that your pet is already protected against Rabies.  You can call your veterinarian to verify vaccination status.   It is important that pet cats or dogs remain up-to-date with their rabies vaccination as they too could be at risk of getting rabies. By increasing the vaccination coverage in pets we will help to minimize the potential transmission of rabies to humans.

Clients of Mississippi Veterinary Services also have access to; emergency service, mobile specialists, nutrition consultation, therapeutic laser, breeder services, laser and traditional surgery options, full laboratory, dental and full body xray, and coming soon…an on line store!

Please email or contact us if you have further questions concerning this clinic or what we have to offer at Mississippi Veterinary Services.

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