Cat Only Days are here – every third Friday to start. February21/14 is our first one!

By January 27, 2014Clinic Updates

Crazy for Cats?  Well even if you’re not crazy, we are going to have a cat only day every third Friday starting February 21/14, to help those cat’s and caregivers who don’t appreciate the bark or presence of a dog.  Weather it be for annual exam with or without vaccination, dental exam, general wellness testing or surgery, many cats appreciate the quiet and lack of stimulus as they can be stressed enough from the drive and kennel carrier.

We recommend top and side load carriers, it is much easier to get the pet out without undue stress.

Some tips:  Have the kennel out for good time play by tossing a special kibble treat in every now and then, or use it as a den in the home.  This kind of familiarity with the kennel carrier will cause less stress when they actually have to be in it for trips to the vet, or for vacation etc.  Another great idea is to take your pet for short drives, that end with reward of treats, additional positive attention, or something special your pet enjoys without any stress attached to the trip.








We welcome drop ins at any time to have a treat or cuddle, weigh in and then head home.  There is no charge for this.  After a few no stress visits, pets become a lot calmer on the drive and in clinic.

Additionally you can use some of the pheromone collars or sprays in advance of a trip.  This helps the pets relax as they feel those around them are calm and happy, so should they be.  In worst cases there is also the option of a mild sedative.