E-cycle for Farley Foundation Fundraiser!

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images[9]It’s getting to that time of year when we think to start planning our Farley Foundation Fundraiser.  For those of you who don’t know about Farley it is an Ontario only fund managed by the OVMA to assist pet owners on disability, in women’s shelters, special needs etc, to get needed veterinary service for their pet’s.  We are learning all the time just how important the human-animal bond is and how pet’s play such a role of rehabilitation, comfort and friendship in their owners lives.  We also see how a healthy pet plays a role in keeping their humans healthy.  For more information on the Farley foundation see the link below.  (if it doesn’t link cut and paste to your URL line)


In previous years we have created lovely baskets, locally donated art and Supplier donated product for friends and clients to win via donation for tickets.  We have been lucky to raise over $3,500  in the past 3 years and have applied to have a good portion of that back to assist pet owners in need in our own community.  Examples of the cases and people we have helped:  A senior on disability with an aged cat requiring dental extractions on abscessed teeth.  A young mother moving to a shelter due to domestic violence requiring the family dog to be spayed and vaccinated so she to could be allowed into the shelter as well.  A disabled adult with a cat requiring a senior work up for diabetic management, to name a few.

oes[1]This year we are doing something new, E-cycling.  We will host OES (Ontario Electronics Stewardship) End of life Electronics waste recycling for fundraisers.  This means we will receive payment on a by weight basis for all accepted electronics!  The list of products you can bring in is HUGE!  Please see the link below to see a full list.electronics-recycling[1]




1.  Wipe your electronics of personal information check out this link-  http://bc.ctvnews.ca/how-to-wipe-your-old-electronics-clean-1.1641149

2.  Time & Date  September 29th, 2014 to October 5th, 2014 inclusive.  10-6pm Monday-Friday 10-3pm Saturday & Sunday

3.  No packaging period! This means no manuals,cardboard, Styrofoam, etc.   All cords are welcome, but please roll up and secure with a zip tie or elastic band.

4.  Need Assistance?  We will have students and/or staff available to help you when you get here.  Need more assistance?  Call and we will see how we can help.

5. No electronics, but want to help?  You can volunteer at the drop off site.  We will also take donations of money and have a book table up in the reception with a donation jar for the month of October.

imagesU5Q0Q5UQThank you in advance for assisting this important charity, all staff at Mississippi Veterinary Services donate their time each year as well as supplying items required to assist the fundraising.