As a client of our practice you can expect our full attention, respect and professionalism to you and your pets’ needs.

Upon arrival at our clinic you will be greeted with a warm friendly smile.  One of our client service reps will confirm the nature of your pets’ visit and will weigh and record your pets’ current body weight and note any specific concerns or questions you wish to address with the veterinarian. You are then invited to enjoy a coffee, tea or hot chocolate in our air conditioned reception area or take a stroll around our large, grassy grounds until the veterinarian or technician welcomes you into the examination room.

A veterinarian will then conduct an examination, address your questions or concerns and discuss any treatments or diagnostics that may be required. If required, our technicians will collect and process laboratory samples, take radiographs (X-rays) and/or assist the doctors in the treatment of your pet.  The doctor will update your pet’s computer records and prepare any medications, vaccinations or health certificates and notes for you to take home.

Our client service reps will then handle booking any required appointments, billing and payment and schedule any follow-up communication that may be required.

We enjoy visits with you and your four legged family members.