Sep 20 2013

Myvetstore is up and running!

Mississippi Veterinary Services has just opened our on line store!   You can order food, toys, leashes etc. on line 24/7.  We will not make prescription medications available at this time.  This service will be considered once we become more savvy with the on line process and know patient care, consultation and instructions regarding medications can be well controlled and guaranteed.

The store can only be accessed by clients, this is due to the fact that there must be a client – veterinary relationship to purchase prescription foods, neutraceuticals etc. in the online store as per the regulations from the College of Veterinarians.  Check out our blog on this website to find out all of the details;  how to register,  what can be ordered, prescription diets, payment options, delivery or pick up, incentive programs etc.

You will notice there are diets we don’t carry in clinic posted, we are still reviewing those diets, to ensure they are ones we stand behind.  If your pet is on a specific prescription diet, when you order the first time we would receive the order, accept it, and then set it up so you could order easily the next time. ( This is a simple but mandatory process for the first order.)

You can choose delivery for a small charge or pick up at the clinic no charge!  Either way, no waiting in line to pay!  You can also sign up for automatic delivery, this means your chosen items will be on reorder, and an email will be sent to you to confirm each time.

We hope all clients will register, we will review your file and accept registration, then you will be able to shop easily anytime you like!  Check it out at your next visit on our ipad while waiting for your pets appointment or at our store site:


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