Belgian Tervuren

"'Versatility' is My Middle Name"

Photo of Belgian Tervuren


In his country of origin, the Belgian Tervuren is known as the Chien de Berger Belge. These dogs grew from a need for a general purpose herding and guard dog on the farm, providing security for the family and daily maintenance of the livestock. Their versatility is still appreciated today, and you can see them in obedience and agility competitions, and as working in law enforcement, search and rescue, and as therapy dogs.


Intelligent and energetic, Belgian Tervurens are happiest with a job to do. They are loyal and form strong bonds, so they must be part of the family, not isolated or left outdoors. They are watchful and alert with strong protective instincts. They are good with children if socialized with them, but they are high energy and may be overwhelming to little ones.


They are medium-sized dogs with a long double-coat in fawn, or russet mahogany with black. They may also be cream or gray, but these colors are not accepted for show dogs. Tervurens have triangular ears and deep chests, and their gait is lively and graceful.


Tervurens are smart and obedient, responding best to a confident, consistent leader. They need to learn basic manners, and may need to be trained not to try to herd their humans. They do need a job to do, and excel in obedience and agility.

Grooming & Care

Their thick, double-coat would benefit from regular combing and brushing, and you’ll want to trim out any mats that form. They are constant light shedders, but will blow their coats once or twice a year, so be prepared for extra brushing and house-cleaning during these times.

Health Concerns

Tervurens are a hardy, healthy breed in general, but may be prone to epilepsy, skin allergies, and occasionally hip and elbow dysplasia.

Famous Belgian Tervuren

Wellard, from “EastEnders”; the wolves in “The Company of Wolves” are mostly played by dyed Tervurens.

Ideal Owner
Activity LevelVery Active
ScheduleFull-time (but no overtime)
Personal StylePlayful, Doesn't mind frequent housecleaning, Confident
Training StyleConsistent, Firm, Confident
HomeFenced yard or access to one
ChildrenOlder kids
ExperienceDefinitely preferred
Quick Facts
SizeMedium, Large
GroomingBrush a few times a week
ExerciseVery high - this breed loves to run and needs vigorous daily workouts
TrainingLearns well but bores easily, Needs daily practice
TempermentIntelligent, Energetic
ChallengesNeeds a strong, consistent, and assertive owner
Height22 to 26 inches
Weight45 to 80 pounds
Life10 to 14 years
Home AloneFine with lots of exercise first
With KidsFine with older kids
With StrangersWary
AvailabilityRare and may have a waiting list

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