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Kathy Cavanagh

Mississippi Veterinary Services’ veteran technician, Kathy has been on the team since March of 1986 when she started as a student receptionist/tech only to return in May 1988 as a graduated Animal Health Technician. While away at school she gained valuable experience at an emergency veterinary clinic in Toronto while studying in the Animal Health Technician (AHT) program at Seneca College.  Over the years Kathy has served on the board of the Ottawa Chapter of the Ontario Association of Veterinary Technicians (OAVT) and the Central Canada Veterinary Association (CCVA) as the Tech Representative.
It could be said that Kathy truly enjoys the “circle of life” aspects of her job.  With an interest in reproduction, Kathy enjoys working with our breeders in all aspects from monitoring ovulation timing to breeding (performing AI including preparation and assistance with surgical AI in dogs) to whelping and cesarean section assistance.   In 2023 she completed CAETA’s Peaceful Euthanasia Master certificate program and has become a Certified Peaceful Euthanasia Professional.  She describes it as “an honour to be a part of end of life appointments” and works at making the experience a peaceful one for our clients and their beloved pets while honouring the bonds shared with our patients and families.
Kathy and her family share their home with “Ruby” their yellow Lab.  When not at work Kathy devotes her time to farming and managing their herd of Registered Angus cattle, she also raises various breeds of chickens and Coturnix quail.   Her favourite activities outside of work include pottery, kayaking, hiking, camping, reading, and spending time with her family (especially her 2 grandchildren).