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Mississippi Veterinary Services Deworming reminders

By October 15, 2012 February 14th, 2018 Uncategorized


Well it is October, and for a lot of us it means the last of a 6 or 12 month run of dewormer and/or heartworm preventative has been used!  For our clients who choose to deworm year round call ahead or stop in to pick up the next 6 month or 12 month pack.   Numerous clients are finding this a worse flea and tick year than we have had in some time!

A few quick facts;

  • The product can be in a pill, or topical (on the skin) form.
  • You can pick different parasite options as well, depending on your pet’s likelihood of coming in contact with and spreading these parasites.
  • Please remember all pets have a least 1 to 2 types of intestinal parasites when born, usually round and hook worms.  They also re- infect by eating mice, stools and grooming one another.
  • Remember the monthly products do not cover coccidian like Isospora or Giardia.

Remember when and how to properly apply products.

  • You can deworm for intestinal parasites, heartworm and fleas as much as monthly year round.
  • Some owners deworm quarterly only.
  • Heart worm treatments should last the entire mosquito season and is a must for travelers.
  • Flea treatments can be preventative or as problems arise. (note must treat for a min of 3 months when  fleas are in a  household)
  •  Tick treatments are for Canines (dogs) only.  They are commonly applied May-November.